08 August 2017

Fail Your Way To Success! – DRH056


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Episode 056 – Fail Your Way To Success!





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Taking risks is impossible to avoid when trying to getting ahead, how can you become more comfortable with leaping into the unknown?

We now live in a world where the idea of a job for life is now a rarity rather than the norm, conventional career paths no longer exists in most developed economies. So does this mean we have to take risks to get ahead?

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  • Daniel Patrick Cohen
  • Daniel Patrick Cohen

    I don’t know if it’s necessarily a bad thing that you have to do further training post-University to be employed. That’s a natural consequence of University being about *education* rather than employability. Of course, since 2010 we’ve seen the UK government commercialise UK courses so that ones that don’t necessarily lead to lots of money (e.g. Arts degrees) are shafted.