Crusaders Radio

Cluj Crusaders is an American Football and Powerlifting team from Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

The podcast is a Production of Dark Mind Radio.

Crusaders Radio started as a result of the efforts of Cluj Crusaders to promote sport in Romania more specifically in the region of Transylvania. Being American Football and Powerlifting new sports there is not much media coverage of their development, therefore was decided that if the regular media was not promoting we will create our own media to promote the team and the sports they practice.

The show started in a totally different format, where the main host Rafael Ruiz was speaking in English and the co-hosts, Alex Bradea and Dorin Pop would be speaking in Romanian, understanding and having a full conversation no matter which language each one was speaking.

During the podcast, the hosts speak about the activities of Crusaders, American Football, Powerlifting, including NFL, NCAA, American Football in Europe and Powerlifting competitions national and international from the IPF.

As the show grew and they decided to take it to a new level and the international audience grew, the language of the show was changed to only English to be able to reach more countries and listeners around the world.

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