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Episode  2

Metals news around the world, interviews and more.
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On the second episode of Synapse we do something new, we got 5 hosts and 1 of them remote.

Is really good to have such diversity in opinions and backgrounds that totally enrich the show.

The headlines of the week were:

1. We will discuss the latest Moonspell’s video
2. Tarja reveals a new live release.
3. Whispering woods launches new CD and video.
4. Paradise lost reveals cover art of new CD.
5. Drummer Fredrick Andersson leaves Amon Amarth.
6. Magica released acoustic version of Bittersweet nightshade.
7. Computer Mind releases video and crowfunding project.
8. We talk about crowdfunding for bands and would it work for example for us?

We launched a question to the guys: Should Tarja stop singing and using Nightwish songs? What do you think?

Laura and Anna think is ok for her to still sing the Nightwish songs, while the guys think she should move on.

If you have a different opinion share it!, leave us a comment or participate in our Facebook page or use our Contact Form or leave us some voice mail.

While checking the new paradise Lost cover of the upcoming album, there are lot of interpretations and things found/seen in the image.

Computer Mind is a great project where lot of artists participate, in their Indiegogo campaign they wrote:

COMPUTER MIND is an exciting musical collective that aims to change everybody’s perspective on autism with their Progressive Rock/Metal opera “THE ASPIE PROJECT” and give people with a disorder just that little boost of confidence that they can reach everything. This is not just an album, made by just a band. The creator (writer, composer and bassist) of this project, Mike van den Heuvel, has an autism spectrum disorder himself; Asperger’s Syndrome. He has managed to learn himself how to deal with it. His passion for music mainly helped him to deal with his problems. Because of his great developments, and his passionate love for music, he wanted to create an album in which he could show the world how he managed to turn his problems into gifts.

Dark Mind radio would like to help promote this, therefore we invite you to participate and donate, even if just the minimum, every donation counts. Here we leave you a link to the Indiegogo Campaign!

All this and more while we do a Synapse with you!


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See you next week!


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