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Episode  5

Metals news around the world, interviews and more.
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This week we introduce something new in the podcast, besides having the usual news we add a topic each week. This week we talked about Bands merchandise.

The headlines of this week:

  1. Korpiklaani new video.
  2. Luca turilli new single and video.
  3. Kamelot new video.
  4. Moonspell lyric video.
  5. Sirenia album preview released.
  6. Paradise lost lyric video.
  7. Bands merchandising.

Korpiklaani rocks in their new live video shot live in Moscow and we all agree that the CD is gonna be really good.

While Luca Turilli’s new single and video sounds good as a small taste and the topic is good and interesting, for moments it sounds like is not the final mix of the song. At the same time they used in the end a very bad voice for a kind of cinematic trailer ending that first of all is not even clear.

Kamelot’s song is good, sounds like any regular Kamelot song.  A very sci-fi that reminded to some the Island and to others the Matrix. But Tomi should stop trying to imitate the previous singer, Roy, and make his own voice go in the band.

Moonspell, we just loved the video and the music, to Rafael, sounds like Sisters of Mercy, it has the structure that their songs used to have, but nevertheless is very good. It also reminded the girls the 1001 nights stories.

Talking about Sirenia, it was a really good preview, and Rafael wonder why did they chose the song Once my Light, since this song doesn’t really represent the whole album according to the preview. There were much better songs that could have been the single.

We finished the news talking about Paradise lost in where we all agree that it was a very good song, an interesting video and we expect a lot the new CD. We had the chance to see more in detail the cover art because had some close-ups in which several details were revealed.

In the topic of the week, we talked about merchandise items, gadgets, either made/sold by bands or by others, are they good?, would you buy any?, which are common?, which are weird and funny?, how much are you willing to spend in an item?

All this questions and more is talked and we had big laughs while checking some of the weird items being sold by bands!

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Enjoy this week’s show!


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