12 July 2016

Blue Pill or Red Pill? – DRH021

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Episode 021 – Blue Pill or Red Pill?




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People sometimes say ‘What You See Is What You Get’ and from time to time life can seem, well, a bit unreal. But, do you think that what we call ‘reality’ might not be what it seems – could it all be an illusion or even a simulation?

Amazingly there is a long philosophical and scientific history underlying this mind bending idea. In fact this skeptical hypothesis can be dated as far back as ancient Greek philosophy.

So, this journey Down The Rabbit Hole explores, among other ideas, what many – using a popular film reference – already call The Matrix.

We will explore the science on the next show but for this outing we talk about various conspiracy theories that try to convince us that All Is Not What It Seems. And as usual we suggest some movies and books that use this story trope.

What do you think? To Real or Not To Real? That…err, well, you get the idea…

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