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On this episode…


Simulation or not we were melting during this episode!

And so to part two of – Blue Pill-Red Pill – where this time around we take a peek at the science!

But before all that, if some enlightened company out there would like to support Karl’s weather information slot at the top of the show please don’t hesitate to get in touch! After all it’s not everyday that a brand can sponsor the weather forecast in Transylvania!

In this episode we welcome back a special guest: Professor Horia Pop – head of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at Babes-Bolyai University, here in Cluj-Napoca.

Today we start, once more, with the original simulation proposition made by Professor Nick Bostrom, touch on the ‘dream-time’ of Australian aborigines, the mysteries of lucid dreaming, jitters in the space-time continuum, and a recent conference about simulation.

So in the end, do you think – or maybe you’re certain – we live in a simulation? If your answer is Yes! Or maybe you have proof? Let us know why or what your proof is. We’re interested and more importantly, we need to end the speculation – so we can move on with our, possibly, even more pointless lives…!

Today’s show is your chance to join us in our modest attempt to Break-The-Fabric-Of-Reality, to peer behind the magician’s curtain! So please people, share your thoughts around this ever fascinating topic!



Simulacra and Simulation – Jean Baudrillard


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