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Episode  7

Metals news around the world, interviews and more.
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In Episode 007 we follow like James Bond the following headlines and reviews:

  • Iron Maiden – Bruce Dickinson Now Cancer Free
  • Cradle Of Filth – Debut Video For New Song
  • Veil Of Maya – Streaming Entire New Album
  • Ronnie James Dio – We remember him.
  • Between The Buried And Me – Debut Music Video
  • To/Die/For – Release New Video Clip
  • Is Gothic metal dead? needs to change or have an evolution?

Lately seems there are not so many relevant news but there are lot of videos and songs being released constantly.

Therefore we have been lately reviewing videos and songs more than having those relevant news and in fact has been very funny. Today we have 2 videos where one is very well done and one is not so much and has certain details that were weird to see.

If you want to know which ones were, listen to the review!


See you next week!


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