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Episode  1

Metals news around the world, interviews and more.
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This is the first episode of Synapse!

We present the Hosts and our guest Co-host and what is Synapse going to be about.

Our hosts are Rafael and Laura and our co-host was Vlad. We started with the news headlines from the past week and then we moved on to discussing each of them.

The headlines of the week were:

  1. Nightwish streams the opening track of their new album.
  2. Sabaton releases the new deluxe edition of their album heroes.
  3. Korpiklaani has a new album trailer and releases a new lyric video.
  4. Leaves eyes started recording the new album and signs a record deal with AFM records.
  5. Xandria is going already recording a new EP.
  6. The Gentle Storm shares the gentle version of the song “Shores of India”.
  7. Infected Rain, new video: sweet, sweet lies.
  8. Apocalyptica – new streaming song from the forthcoming album.
  9. Negura Bunget has equipment stolen on the road.
  10. And talking about Negura Bunget, dark mind radio was present at the concert in Cluj-Napoca last Friday. We will talk more about it.

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