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Episode  3

Metals news around the world, interviews and more.
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We repeat this week the same crew of Co-hosts and we drift through different new and topics.

And this week we had the following headlines/topics:

  1. Angra has released the video for the song “Final Light”.
  2. Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody reveal details about upcoming album.
  3. Kiske/Somerville launches a new video “Walk on water.”
  4. The Gentle Storm release second video “Shores of India” and album “the diary”.
  5. Devin Townsend is writing a symphony.
  6. Shining (swe) streams new song.
  7. Computer Mind completed their crowdfunding campaign goal.
  8. Cradle of Filth will release new album in summer.
  9. Interview with HellArise about the band’s plans and their experience with crowdfunding.

We started commenting the new video of Angra which has lot of CGI work on it. We all like the song and some are concerned about having a child involved in killing and violence, although has become something normal even because of video games. We ask for some support of the listeners to tell us if the aeroplane that the child is on is a P40 or a T6.

The new Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody album certainly is  a long awaited material. The name is Prometheus, Symphonia Ignis Divinus and seems very promising also with all that diversity of topics in the tracks.

Definetly Kiske/Sommerville news was one very discussed by the fact that the video really has nothing to do with the song and the fact that Kiske just reminds static near a piano. The song is actually very catchy that could be played actually in any normal radio.

Anna goes explaining a lot about Dutch and the relationship between historical time and the video of the Gentle Storm.

Great interview with Flavia from HellArise where we go through history to future plans of the band! remember to go check them at their website and Facebook page.

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