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Episode  007

Episode  007

On this episode…

Gaia, Mother Earth. In this episode we go through the science of this topic and we start revisiting the concepts and theories established by James Lovelock. (Rafael also had a mild cold… not that you needed to know this anyway…)

The main idea is that the biosphere of the earth behaves like a living organism and always tries to maintain a state of homoeostasis, which means trying to stay In balance similar to a giant cell.

Lovelock also stated that Earth’s atmosphere is different because it has life on it, and mostly is thanks to the process of photosynthesis.

After discussing Lovelock, we move on to some proposed Geo-engineering schemes. The most common “hacks” proposed are:

  • Planting Forests.
  • Spraying sulfuric acid into the stratosphere.
  • Dumping iron in the ocean.
  • Space mirrors.
  • Brightening the clouds.
  • Industrial-scale carbon dioxide scrubbers.

We discuss the Idea and the Catch to each proposal.

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