01 August 2017

Live Forever or Die Trying – DRH055

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Episode 055 – Live Forever or Die Trying





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Live forever or die trying it’s attributed to either Groucho Marx or a character in Joseph Heller’s book ‘Catch 22’. But who wouldn’t want to live longer? We are bombarded with health and lifestyle messages about how to live healthier and, by implication, longer, throughout our lives.

And of course health and fitness are a global industry worth billions and which spends vast amounts of money on persuading us that their product, their solution, approach, potion – whatever – is the best…

But what if there was a simpler solution. One that didn’t really have a cost attached to it? That final point is probably why you won’t have heard of it – nobody can make a profit!

Get ready for a long trip down the rabbit hole!


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