Streaming License

UCMR-ADA Streaming License



Darkmind Radio has a streaming license obtained with our local authority: UCMR-ADA.

Streaming License number: 8736/06.10.2014

Based on this license we are authorized to play music to be listened in the modality of streaming service on the url:

DarkMind Radio is based, produced, and music streamed in Romania.

For more information, inquiry or copyright claim, you can Contact us and find out more at UCMR-ADA’s website.



DarkMind Radio are o autorizatie de streaming online cu titlu gratuit obtinuta cu UCMR-ADA.

Autorizatie nr.: 8736/06.10.2014

Conform acestei autorizatii avem dreptul de a oferi spre ascultare (streaming) cu titlu gratuit opere muzicale prin servicii online la adresa de URL:

DarkMind Radio are locatia, e produs si transmite in Romania.

Pentru mai multe informatii ne puteti Contacta si pentru mai multe detalii vizitati pagina UCMR-ADA.