Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Ayreon) and Anneke van Giersbergen (The Gathering, Agua de Annique) are working together on a new musical project called The Gentle Storm. The new band was recently signed by InsideOut Music record label and will release their debut double CD album early next year.

The band made the following statement about the album: [gdlr_quote align=”center” ]“The Gentle Storm concept album will be a double CD, with the same songs on each CD but in VERY different, contrasting arrangements. CD1, the “Gentle”album, will be all acoustic and folky with lots of exotic instruments. CD2, the “Storm”album, will be an all-out, bombastic orchestral metal album. Of course there are plenty of progressive elements mixed in as well.”[/gdlr_quote]



Arjen comments: [gdlr_quote align=”center” ]”We are thrilled to be able to strengthen our relationship with InsideOut Music as The Gentle Storm‘s label.”[/gdlr_quote]
Anneke adds: [gdlr_quote align=”center” ]”We’re in the middle of recording these amazing new songs and are very excited the label shows an equal amount of faith in this release. We can’t wait for people to hear it and are happy this superb team will help us spread the word.”[/gdlr_quote]


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