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Episode  14

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Here we go again!

More and more videos are being launched constantly and seems every band either releases a normal video, lyric video or a stream of a song.

In this episode we had the following topics:

  1. Kamelot – Release New Video
  2. Charlotte Wessel – Launches New Band
  3. Eluveitie – Working On New Acoustic Album
  4. Amberian Dawn – Release New Lyric Video
  5. My Dying Bride – Release New Video
  6. Stratovarius – Release New Video

But as usual we had topics and discussions not in the main list that just appeared with the conversation.

There is one point to remark, while we had some bad videos this weeks specially talking about the low-budget one from Blackmore’s Night or the Kamelot one which is good, has few things that could be better to the two great videos of this week that we praise a lot.

Those videos are the one from My Dying Bride and the second is the one from Stratovarius, both very well made, with lot of emotion and great scenes in them, really powerful images in there that combined with the music made such a great pleasure to watch and listen to this videos. If you haven’t watched them yet, go and do it! Check down in the show notes for the links to them and the most important, share your opinion with us, writ down in the comments what do you think about them and any other thing you want to share with us.

Enjoy the show!



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