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Episode  8

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After the forced weeks off we are all back and ready to continue!

Today we talked about the following topics:

  1. My Dying Bride – New Track Streaming Online
  2. Blackmore’s Night – New Song Online
  3. Dragonforce – Release Live Video From New Dvd
  4. Riverside – Release First Song From Upcoming Album
  5. Amorphis – Release New Single And Lyric Video
  6. Tiamat – Johan Edlund Returns
  7. Evergrey – New Video “BLACK Undertow”
  8. Children of Bodom – New Single

Was really great to make the show again and we had quite some fun doing it.

We have the following questions and we would like you to contribute with us:

  1. Do you think Blackmore’s Night should be topic of metal radios or blogs?
  2. How do you like Amorphis new single? Any expectations for the full album?
  3. Children of Bodom – Morrigan, good or boring?

Let us know your opinion, contribute in the comments, facebook or even voicemail!

See you next week!


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