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Episode 016 – The Science of Nudge




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Manipulation? Good or Bad? This week’s topic is the Science of Nudge.

We started the show by establishing an easy definition that will let us start to discuss all the possibilities related to the topic.

Therefore we mentioned that the nudge theory (or Nudge) is a concept in behavioural science, political theory and economics which argues that positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions to try to achieve non-forced compliance can influence the motives, incentives and decision making of groups and individuals, at least as effectively – if not more effectively – than direct instruction, legislation, or enforcement.

We also talked about few stories and how people can play with your mind.

Inevitably we had to mention of the most known stories about Fox News where they adopted Glenn Beck’s “Nudge” Conspiracy Theory and all the implications it had.

Karl talked a bit about the UK Nudge group established by the government and how it worked.

Like every show we mentioned books and movies for you o find more about the science of nudge.

And next week stay tuned cause we will have a very special guest for the Science part of Nudging.

Enjoy the episode!







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