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Episode 017 – The Science of Nudge (Part 2)




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Have you noticed we always start talking about the weather?!

Part 2 of the Science of Nudge. This time we have a special guest:

Elena explains a bit what Herdalsit is about. If you are curious go visit their website!.

What else could we say about nudge? We started like last week with a small definition just in case someone just started to listen to this podcast right in this episode (in such case you should definitely should go and check the previous show: nudge theory (or Nudge) is a concept in behavioural science, political theory and economics which argues that positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions to try to achieve non-forced compliance can influence the motives, incentives and decision making of groups and individuals, at least as effectively – if not more effectively – than direct instruction, legislation, or enforcement.

We go again about the example of Nudge related to the Lecturer in an University where half the class pad all the attention and participated while the other half just behave bad, talked was distracted. This lead the Lecturer to simply turn himself to the part paying attention ignoring the other side of the class.

Another good example was mentioned by Karl in which in public bathroom in the urinal was put a paint of a fly to make it look like it was staying inside and what it did was to improve by at least 18% the way people were urinating and hitting the spot trying to take down the fly. This is another example of nudging/manipulating people to correct a behaviour.

Elena gives us plenty of examples related to advertising and manipulation (positive and negative), nudging and explains about metrics and how information harvested nowadays is being used to create and target audiences in marketing and nudge them for products or services.

Then she explains also some relation between advertising and micro expressions.

What do you think about nudge? good? bad? useful? Let us know!

A great show that you just cannot miss.






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