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Episode  001

Welcome to the first episode of our binary podcast!

We have chosen as our first topic one that has inspired many movies, books, music etc; Time Travel.

We start with an interesting fact, having done some digging we found that the first book to mention Time Travel was published in the 1700’s! But the most influential of popular culture was, we believe, The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. Published in 1895 it single handedly popularized the subject.

We were inspired to choose this topic by the movie Back To The Future. The world recently celebrated the passing of the future date to which Marty McFly travelled in the second of the movies – October 15th, 2015. We discuss what things predicted in that film became a reality and what (most of it!) did not.

Do you have a favourite ‘future’ product from the movie that you would like to have? Get in touch and tell us what and why!

We couldn’t talk about time travel without mentioning the name John Titor, a man who claimed he came from the future, the year 2034, and was on a mission to the past. We talk about what he claimed that mission was and what happened to Titor.

We also get in to the ideas around multiverses, diverging time lines, the grandfather paradox – all that good time travel stuff!

We have also have a few questions for you, our listener:

If you could travel to the past, or future, when would you travel to? Would you travel to retrieve an object? Eat something special? Witness a special event?

Share your answers and any other thoughts with us in the comments section of this post!

And that’s not all. We also talk about the Fringe, and devices used for observing, rather than travelling to either the future, the past, or other dimensional realities.

Travelling to the future might be very tricky and cause great disruption, but it could also be beneficial. The main question here is: could we resist the temptation to also check on those fancy future weapons, or other things that could be damaging to our present reality, or would we simply want next weeks Lotto result so we could retire early?

We freewheel around the subject so why not check it out!

And don’t miss next weeks follow-on show on time travel, where we cover the Science behind the science fiction!


John Titor




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