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Episode  12

Metals news around the world, interviews and more.
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Episode 12 of Synapse is a double header!

Today we release our previous episode and today we also have the new episode plus the podcast of it, so 2 shows released in one day.

The headlines of this episode were:

  1. Riverside – Share Third New Album Teaser
  2. Avantasia – Jørn Lande On New Album And Tour
  3. Leaves’ Eyes – Debut ‘The Waking Eye’ Video
  4. King Diamond – Official Live Video Released
  5. Century Media – To Be Acquired By Sony For $17 Million
  6. Iron Maiden – Streaming New Video
  7. Poisonblack – On Hiatus

As usual the headlines are only the base because we go through other related news and discussions related to the metal scene.

Certainly video games were an interesting discussion taking in consideration that the new song from Iron Maiden was released along a video that goes thourgh the different ages of video games and in a way pays tribute to certain video games. Can you spot the names of the original games?

Check out the episode and please share your opinions with us in the comments!

And don’t miss out the double header, our episode 13 of Synapse!

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