22 December 2015

Welcome Home (A new Earth) – DRH003

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Episode 003 – Welcome Home (A new Earth)

This episodes trip Down the Rabbit Hole is a topical one considering our rapid use of Mother Earth’s finite resources – finding a new one!.

As is our style in this first part we talk about some famous planets from the world of sci-fi and fantasy like Trantor and Pandora. Or, the many planets woven into the Star Wars universe. We look at how their ecosystems and biospheres are portrayed. Some are extreme, like Trantor (from author Isaac Asimov’s ‘Foundation’ series) and Coruscant (Star Wars) – planets with globe stretching cities and no vegetation. These are nightmarish examples of possible futures – fully urbanised and denatured.

Also, we explore what would make an interesting planet to find, not necessarily an exact sister to our own Earth. How about a fully tropical planet? Or other conditions – may be lower gravity – that would make existence a more interesting experience!

And we ask you the same question: What would make your ideal exoplanet, what weather, ecosystem or other variation would appeal to you?

Finally we touch on terraforming, another common story thread in Sci-fi, usually acting as a backdrop to a wider plot idea. And we talk about this concept of transformation in relation to other planets and moons in our own backyard – our solar system.

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