12 May 2015

You and your Tattoos, news and reviews – SYN006

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Episode 006 – You and your Tattoos, news and reviews

In today’s episode we had the following headlines and reviews:

  • Nightwish – Release New Single, Video Revealed
  • Tristana – Joining Forces With Singer Mats Levén
  • Delain – Release Lyric Video Feat. Marco Hietala
  • Paradise Lost – Premiere New Video
  • Primordial – New Video Released
  • Groove Shark service Closes
  • Tattoos!

We have talked a lot about Nightwish in the last weeks, specially since they have also been releasing lot of news to talk about. We wonder if this new video for the single Endless Forms Most Beautiful is a lyric video or full normal video.

Tristana, do not confuse with Tristania, announced Mats Leven joining them. We don’t know for sure if it’s going to be as full time, one project and if it would replace the singer or be a second voice in the band.

Delain seems to be following this new trend of making lyric videos a bit more than a normal lyric video.

Paradise Lost song is a very good Doom/death metal and back to the roots for them.

This and more in the episode!


Nightwish new video: https://youtu.be/VUb1p8fm7Ag

Tristana video for Fallen – https://youtu.be/cUBxQclT72g

Delain’s video Sing to Me: https://youtu.be/fxzRUAXyDKw

Paradise Lost – Beneath Broken Earth: https://youtu.be/55XlIPzY5q0

Primordial – Wield Lightning to Split the Sun: https://youtu.be/brptIF2sq1c

Grooveshark: Article by The Verge, Official site

Polish Tribute to Slayer: https://youtu.be/ZBQGqL0gGJk